Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crafting Archives: Pirates and Fancy Hats

As many artists do, I get stuck in a creative ruts every now and then. Looking at some of the stuff I've made in the past sometimes helps to get the wheels turning, and that's what these "Crafting Archives" (for lack of a better phrase) posts will be for.

Let's flashback to October 2008, right before Halloween. I was planning my outfit for the Henri David Ball, and wanted to wear my new Alice & the Pirates houndstooth suit. I needed a matching pink tricorn, but every store in State College, PA was fresh out. So I decided to borrow my friend Angela's method of using a cowboy hat at a base, and my local Michael's happened to have a few pink ones in stock. It was made of craft foam, and made for a child's head, but I went with it.

I folded the edges up to make a tricorn shape, and decorated the edges with pink & white ruffles and lace. I also found a little satin bow for decoration, and stuck on of my "Victorian" craft buttons in the center.

Side view...
...and from the front.

While I was out getting supplies, I also picked up some charms to throw together a pirate earring:

The eyes are hearts!

 And a glittery "parrot", which I think was actually meant for holiday season d├ęcor:

 Put it all together, and here's the final outfit!

As you can see, I got a bit carried away when it came to purchasing everything in sight that looked like it could work with piratestyle or lolita in some way. While in the "hat section", I also picked up this mini top hat. Which again, was probably made for someone much smaller than myself. Maybe a teddy bear, or a doll...

At first I wasn't sure what to make with this, but a few hours later I had just gotten confirmation that my pre-order for Meta's Swan lake series had gone through. Swan hat needed to happen.

Same satin bow from the last hat, with a different button in the center this time. I wrapped it in white ribbon, and added some beaded faux "Swan" feathers. It isn't shown in the picture, but a member of egl with more hat knowledge suggested that adding black bias tape to the edge of the brim would make it appear more finished, which it did! After letting this one sit on my desk for a few days, I had a feeling that it would look too tacky and cheap, but it ended up going with the skirt very well.

Hopefully I can find more pictures of older projects, writing this post was so helpful to me that I just sketched out a design for a new eyepatch. :)

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  1. I really love how the first outfit turned out, pink pirates are love ♥


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