Sunday, December 18, 2011

Otakon 2011: The Aftermath + My West Coast Adventure

Aaaand I'm back, from the world's longest hiatus, to post the world's longest backlog of drafts!

As of my last update, Little Macaron & I were finishing up our products and displays in preparation for selling at Otakon in August. I was also able to model for Little Macaron in the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show (which showcased many talented indie North American seamstresses!) and for Alice & the Pirates in their BTSSB/AatP Fashion Show!

My look for the Little Macaron show was from the "One Piece Luffy Pirates" line, and included a high waisted, asymmetrical skirt made with the most adorable imported fabric featuring characters from the anime One Piece, and a ruffly white underskirt.

Photo by Petrina Cheng

All of the models were decked out in Roserie pieces, that matched their respective looks. Clay Luffy charms for the One Piece girls, and Queen Candy necklaces for that line!

Finally, the signature look for the close of the show, "Pretty in Dots", was modeled by our friend Yanise. For this look, I created a 3-strand pearl choker, with pink Swaroski crystal tear and heart drops. (Closer images coming up soon.)

In between prepping for shows, we sold our handmade goods in the Artist's Alley, and the turnout was greater than I could have ever hoped!

The Sweet vs. Classic table on Day 1!

I sold out of almost my entire inventory (including ALL of my necklaces and chokers), and even did a few commissions on the spot since I brought my tools and a bunch of extra supplies. Both of us did very well throughout the weekend, thanks so much to all of our customers, and everyone who just stopped by to chat!

Us with Masumi of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, and Mitsuba of Alice and the Pirates!

As if the weekend wasn't hectic enough, I packed up most of my belongings and moved to Los Angeles 2 days later. I moved out here for an internship in my field, but I've also been having a blast with going to all of the Street Fashion events here and meeting all kinds of awesome people. Hopefully I can get some more crafting done soon!
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