Friday, February 25, 2011

Crafting Archives: Alice Swap

About 2 years ago, I participated in an Alice in Wonderland-themed craft swap. The one item that I was most excited to make was a shadow box. The inside is filled with a hand cut-out Alice silhouette, surrounded by sprays of flying playing cards, and mounted on a checkered rose background.

Out of the box...

...and inside the box, mounted on the wall.

Favorite part, flying cards!
This was my first shadow box, and I enjoyed making it so much that I spent the bulk of my budget for this entire project on supplies for this. This is still the only shadow box I've ever made, but in the future I'd love to make more literary and/or fantasy-themed ones. Wizard of Oz, anyone?

What would an Alice-themed set be without a Mad Hatter piece! This was made to be worn as either a mini top hat, or a just as a nice shelf decoration.

My swap partner mentioned that she liked necklaces, and I just happened to have these adorable tea set charms laying around.

Paired with a Casual Lolita sweater!

This next piece started out as a rather Mister Rogers-looking cardigan, so I added a card appliqué and replaced the buttons with playing card ones. Then I jazzed up the collar with some venise lace.

After a few fairly large pieces, I thought I'd add in some items more appropriate for everyday use...

Victorian hair pins...
... and some background music to set the mood for your next tea party!
After making all of this stuff in 1 day, I worked up quite the appetite. Luckily my neighborhood back home in Philly is home to a wonderful bakery called Bredenbeck's, which has been around since 1889! I picked up a box of petit fours, brewed a pot of mint melange, and threw on my "Tea Party jams". It was a good day.

Tiny frosted vanilla cakes filled with jam...I always have to visit when I'm back home!

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