Monday, January 31, 2011

And so it begins.

I've been making jewelry for myself and my friends for about 7 years now, and it's taken me this long to finally get a web shop up. I've sold on ebay before, but I've found that Etsy is a much better avenue for independent artisans, and has a lot of great resources for those just starting out!

So I finally took the plunge and opened up a shop, Roserie. Before anyone accuses me of butchering the English language by misspelling the word "rosary", you're half right. I've butchered the French language by misspelling the word "roseraie". All those years of French class, down the drain. Wikipedia sums up it's meaning the best:

Roseraie de L'Ha├┐, oldest rose garden in the world.

Basically, it's a garden (or section of a garden) devoted solely to roses. I've always been a huge admirer of French culture and art history, so it stuck. The majority of my pieces for Roserie will have Victorian, Baroque/Rococo, and many other vintage inspirations, including my penchant for Classic Lolita, Early 20th century fashion, and whatever else I can get my crafting hands on.

In this blog, I'll be posting updates to the shop and on my crafting in general, and anything else that seems relevant including a few style inspiration posts. :)

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